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In the Realm of Technology and Innovations, there is no industry or topic that does not need any more improvements. From the Environment To Societal and Cultural issues. Our Diverse teams focus on each issue. We use our own technologies and inventions directly ourselves first! Why? Well for the most part it's because legally most of our innovations need to be approved by Local Gov, State, Fed, in addition to other possible agencies like the EPA, FDA, etc. We have little choice on the matter. Rather than have them sit in an archive waiting in limbo, we continue research and development to the extent allowed to do so because this organization builds upon itself. All the research and achievements are all intertwined in the complex web of life, just like every living thing is connected to each other on a deeper level. This Helps up to prove that not only do our inventions and innovations work, but they allow us to propel Forward at an unprecedented pace thanks to their synergies!

Upcoming Technologies

Upcoming Technologies is very Delicate Subject Because We Can't Disclose Too Much Details Of Current Technologies Development!

One of our Main Missions Is To Reduce and Reverse Everyone's Carbon Footprint and We Are Actively Developing A Few Different Approaches To Achieve This. As We Go Along, We Will Reveal Each Technology As They Are Completed.

The following we are just a couple of our innovations that are currently undergoing the process of being federally, state, & Internationally approved.

#1 - Very Soon We Will Bring Our Own In-House RECYCLING Program To The Public! Clearly this isn't the Recyling we know today. It will give a whole new meaning to what humans mean by recycling. But we cannot say more this second!

#2 - Contaminated Soil Restoration (Yes, a truly safe, easy to use, MASS APPLYABLE, Soil Decontamination). What makes this EXTRA exciting is that it ALSO DOUBLES to Transform MANY Naturally UNAGRACULTURABLE Lands (aka not possible to grow foods) into Viable terrain for safe food production while also considering the environment, wildlife, and humans!)

#3 - Complete Line of Disinfecting, Sanitizing, Deodorizing, Cleaning Products that are Completely Natural, Sustainable, Renewable, Effective. Goodbye To Harsh Chemicals


Due To The Sensitivity,
For The Moment, We Can Only Vaguely Mention About Other Technologies That You Can Find On The Homepage.
Like Renewable / Sustainable Energy, Enviromental Protection, Pollution, Carbon Footprint Reversal.

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We are ready to roll out New Innovations as they get approved along the way!

The thing is, Many Of Our Industries Require Permits, Permissions, and Various Independant Specialized Official Lab Tests, in addition to all the research and development. That adds up fast in both TIME and MONEY.

For Example!
We have a FULL Innovative Product line that we cannot manufacture or sell, while we wait for approval for EACH Individual State and Federal Agency. That's why it's important to switch to our current products, this way we can bring you more! Not only are they Top Quality, Innovative and Safe, but they help support future earth friendly innovative super products and All The Other Endeavors an Inventions of

In Addition To Volunteering HELP US MEET THESE GOALS FOR


#1 Support Us By Buying Our Colloidal Silver. OR Become an Affiliate and earn money by selling it.; This will allow us to make the funds needed to apply for Florida's Manufacturing Approval For Our Multipurpose All Natural, Organic, Sustainable, Renewable, Safe, Earth Friendly, Multipourpose Disinfecting and Deodorizing Solution.

#2 Pay For Independent Lab Results For State Gov Submission For The Manufacturing and Sale Authorization and EPA.

#3 Compile, Prepare, and Pay for the application For State Gov Submission For The Manufacturing and Sale Authorization and EPA. (this takes a while, a few months)

#4 Support Us By Buying The Freshly Approved Safe, Earth Friendly, Multipourpose Disinfecting and Deodorizing Solution in Florida. Even on a Mass Scale, We can support Households, all the way to big commercial businesses, and industrial applications.

#5 Repeat Applications and Pay Recurring Fees For Each State and expand.

#6 Apply For EU & Aisa License. Expand Operations.

#7 Start Approval For New Innovative Cleaning Products.

And Consider That is for 1 Product, in 1 industry

This is why we need your help for the bigger picture! From Going out to Volunteer and Help Raise Awareness, To Helping us in the Research and Development, In Addition to All The Societal and Enviromental Initiatives! Become a Chapter leader in your community and help bring this to near you! OR keep it easy and just go out on your spare time and help how you can


Join the movement to save the world with - Your ultimate destination for impactful change. Discover how you can make a difference today! #SaveTheWorld #Sustainability #GlobalImpact
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